Financing for climate resilience

This year’s G20 Summit in Germany concluded green finance is key to addressing a range of global challenges with strong, sustainable and resilient economic growth. As we cross the two-year mark since the signing of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the ability to finance climate resilience and sustainable growth has become an urgent mandate for organizations and governments. With global sustainable investment growing at a double-digit rate, investors are grappling with the urgency of the situation and the attractiveness of the opportunities, as green financing creates new markets to penetrate and consumer bases to attract.

It is clear however, that financing climate resilience will require significantly more capital investment, greater collaboration between the public and private sectors, sound policy, and innovations in finance and risk management practices, both at an enterprise and economy level.

We are pleased to provide this collection of insights from across our organization on how to address the factors inhibiting climate resilience financing. A companion report with further insights on strategies for climate resilience and climate risk management will be released in January 2018.