Webinar: The role of the private sector in financing adaptation with a perspective on NAPS

In this webinar, we will present you an overview of the financing needs for adaptation and potential synergy opportunities with the private sector to address this challenge. In addition, a case study of Colombia will be presented, showing the benefits of integrating the private sector into rural development and adaptation planning.



Jacinto Buenfil, Project coordinator for Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (MEBA), Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, UN Environment.

Adaptation Gap Report 
Daniel Puig, Senior advisor, Department of Management Engineering, UN – Environment – Technical University of Denmark (UNEP – DTU Partnership).

Microfinance to boost rural development in Colombia
Mauricio Osorio Sánchez, General Manager, IMF Crezcamos S.A, Colombia.

Dr. Lili Ilieva, Moderator and Expert on Climate Change Adaptation, Practical Action, Peru.