Webinar: Integration of gender approach and indigenous communities in planning for adaptation and its articulation with the NAPS

What is the importance of adopting a gender approach in planning for adaptation to climate change and what is the process to do so?
What are the main benefits and challenges of integrating considerations of indigenous communities in the planning and implementation of the NAPS?

UN Environment invites you to participate in the following Webinar of the NAPS Community, which will seek to resolve these and other questions related to integrating gender considerations and indigenous communities in the different stages of formulation and implementation of plans and initiatives on climate change adaptation.


Welcome from the NAPS Community

Lili Ilieva, PhD
Moderator, Practical Action – Latin America


Isabel Martinez
Program Officer
Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
UN Environment

Victor Tsang
Program Officer Gender and Safeguards Unit
UN Environment

Maria Noeli Oberto
Wayuu Women’s Network – Youth Commission Indigenous National Council of Venezuela (CONIVE) Continental Liaison for Indigenous Women of the Americas -ECMIA- Committee on Children and Youth