Webinar Integrated planning of the coastal sector under a scenario of climate change adaptation

The coastal sector is one of the most vulnerable sectors and constantly exposed to climatic risks but at the same time it has multiple resources that, if managed comprehensively, can increase the resilience to climate impacts and extreme events of the social and ecological system. In this Webinar, an overview of the importance of integrating the coastal sector in planning for adaptation to climate change will be presented. An example of planning for adaptation in an urban coastal area in Latin America and the Caribbean will be also presented – The 4C Plan: Cartagena de Indias Competitive and Climate Compatible.


Dr. Lili Ilieva, Moderator for NAPS Community of Practice, Practical Action, Peru.

General Framework for Integrated Coastal Management: articulation with adaptation plans to climate change
Prof. Dr. Javier García Sanabria, Professor, University of Cadiz, Spain.

Climate change and territorial resilience: Case study from Climate Change Plan of Cartagena – Plan 4C
Juan Camilo Ulloa, Coordinator of the project MIZC, The Autonomous Regional Corporation of Sucre – CARSUCRE.