Webinar Financial mechanisms: Basic ingredients to ensure the sustainability of adaptation

What is the importance of developing financial mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of adaptation?
What are the success factors and challenges for the development and implementation of such mechanisms?
What examples of success exist in Latin America and the Caribbean?

UN Environment invites you to participate in the Webinar of the NAPS Community, which will seek to resolve these and other questions related to financial mechanisms for adaptation. It will be presented successful case studies in the region around the creation of a water fund in Ecuador and a law on incentives for forest restoration in Argentina.


Welcome from the NAPS Community

Sebastian Rordiguez
Moderator, REGATTA – UN Environment


Malki Sáenz
Socio-environmental Information Unit (UISA)
Simon Bolivar Andean University, Ecuador

Dr. Luis Mario Chauchard
Forest engineer
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Argentina