Webinar: Articulation of National Adaptation Plans for Climate Change with national, regional and local development strategies

In this Webinar, we will present the Experience in the Caribbean for access to finance for the planning and implementation of NAPS.

This Webinar will provide an overview of the importance of planning for adaptation in the medium to long term and its articulation with national, regional and local strategies. This is through the international vision and experience of the Green Climate Fund, which acts as one of the main financing vehicles for the development and implementation of the National Adaptation Plans for Climate Change in the region.


Elena Pita, Programme Officer, Climate Change Adaptation, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, UN Environment.

Financial support for adaptation planning
Jason Spensley, Senior Specialist, Project Preparation and Adaptation Planning

Articulation of adaptation in national, regional and local strategies in the Dominican Republic
Pedro Garcia Brito, Director of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Dominican Republic.

Dr. Lili Ilieva, Moderator for NAPS Community of Practice, Practical Action, Peru.