Ruth Spencer

Ruth Spencer, Passionate and committed to bringing about socio economic and environmental development that is people centered. Ruth is trained in development economics receiving a Master’s Degree in international development Economics from Yale University also post graduate studies in Project Appraisal at Yale. After graduation she returned home and focused on agriculture- the sector least developed with a low contribution to the GDP.
Over the years, she worked with many local groups headed by women throughout the island developing integrated development programs. Ruth’s aim is to empower the local groups, increase their   visibility leading to national and international recognition across all of  the GEF Focal areas-waste management, Chemicals and Pollutant, Biodiversity, Climate Change and mercury.  The knowledge of the local people and what exists in the various communities must become a part of the overall decision making process.   One of my interests is in appropriate technologies that make life better for the people and brings about empowerment so wind and solar energy technologies are areas being pursued by her.
Received in 2015 the Energy Globe Award
Nominated in 2018 for the Caricom Energy personality of the Year
Received on March 8, 2019, the Inaugural International Women’s Day Award from the Department of Gender Affairs, Government of Antigua and Barbuda for Energy, Climate Change and the Environment.