Ruth Martínez R

Ruth Martinez is Senior Specialist in Adaptation at the Climate Change Unit of UNEP in Panama. Prior to this position, she worked from 2013 to 2018 in the Ecosystem Services division at Conservation International, based in Costa Rica. She has worked on climate change adaptation for agricultural systems, coordinating the CASCADA project (Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Smallholder Coffee and Subsistence Farmers) focused on research on Ecosystem-based Adaptation and knowledge transfer for agricultural technicians in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. Previous work has also included support for projects focused on the creation of indicators to assess the sustainability of agricultural landscapes and the vulnerability of small producers, and indicators on the contribution of climate-smart agriculture to improve resilience to climate change. Her previous experience includes coordinating projects on the visibility of indigenous and peasant groups in climate change adaptation and mitigation in Central America. She holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from EARTH University (Costa Rica), and a PhD in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Georgia (USA).