Juan Camilo Ulloa Restrepo

Marine Biologist, Master in Environmental Management, Climate Change Coordinator for the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Sucre (CARSUCRE), land-use professional for the Caribbean Territorial Directorate of Natural National Parks of Colombia and independent consultant. With training and experience in climate change, risk management and land-use planning, within the interdisciplinary and holistic analysis of problems and their

Clara Ariza Niño

Clara Ariza is a consultant specializing in climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. She has more than 15 years of experience in managing and coordinating projects on these issues in multiple countries and contexts. Among other roles, she has acted as an advisor in several multilateral development, environmental policy and climate change

Bettina Durocher

Bettina Durocher is an agricultural and forest engineer, with a postgraduate degree in gender and doctoral studies in education and pedagogical mediation. She has carried out several investigations and development actions in Africa and Latin America on agroecology, food security, forest conservation, indigenous territorial governance, mediation of socio-environmental conflicts and climate resilience. She has published

Sergio Angón

Sergio Angón is a civil engineer specialized in hydraulics, with a diploma in geotechnics, a Master in Regional Sustainable Development and a PhD in Sustainable Development. He has more than 16 years of experience in topics related to the conservation of natural resources, public policies for sustainable development. Among his main achievements are: the design

Ruth Spencer

Ruth Spencer, Passionate and committed to bringing about socio economic and environmental development that is people centered. Ruth is trained in development economics receiving a Master’s Degree in international development Economics from Yale University also post graduate studies in Project Appraisal at Yale. After graduation she returned home and focused on agriculture- the sector least

Ruth Martínez R

Ruth Martinez is Senior Specialist in Adaptation at the Climate Change Unit of UNEP in Panama. Prior to this position, she worked from 2013 to 2018 in the Ecosystem Services division at Conservation International, based in Costa Rica. She has worked on climate change adaptation for agricultural systems, coordinating the CASCADA project (Ecosystem-based Adaptation for

Roberto D. Ponce Oliva

Roberto is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Development in Concepción, Chile. He has participated in several studies related to the economic value of environmental goods and services for Governmental Institutions in Chile, as well as for several international organizations. His main lines of research include economics

Mónica Gómez Erache

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the National Adaptation Plan for the Coastal Zone of Uruguay. She worked 20 years in the integrated management of coastal and marine resources focusing on the assessment of impacts, vulnerabilities and the implementation of adaptation measures to climate variability and change.

Mauricio Osorio

Industrial Engineer from UIS. Specialist in Design of Financial Solutions from UNAB. Specialist in International Business and Finance from UNISABANA. Application Expert Program (AEP-5), TOC Operations Management and TOC Distribution Management Universidad from Externado University – Goldratt School. Co Author of the software VISION EMPRESARIAL 3.O a Software to support the Business Management Systems. He

Manuel Winograd

PhD in tropical ecology and MS in environmental management. Currently, he is adviser and researcher at WENR (WUR, Wageningen, The Netherlands). He served as principal advisor to the European Environment Agency (EEA, Copenhagen), senior researcher at CIRAD (France) and CIAT (Colombia), program leader at CIAT (Colombia), researcher and director of GASE/Bariloche Foundation (Argentina) and guest