Kenneth Ochoa

Environmental engineer from El Bosque University with courses in environmental prevention strategies from Lund University. Magister in Environmental Management from Los Andes University. Candidate for a PhD in Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. He is currently director of the Environmental Engineering Program, research coordinator of the Engineering Faculty and Associate Professor at El Bosque University. He has also served as director and coordinator of environmental engineering projects and national and international consultant. With UN Environment, he has participated as a Youth Advisor, as well as a consultant in Responsible Production and Consumption, Assessment and Early Warning and Environmental Education. He is the representative for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Science and Technology Group of the Ten-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Production and Consumption, associated with the Goal 12 on Sustainable Development. His research interests focus on Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Integrated Management and Sustainable Lifestyles, focusing on life cycle analysis of goods and services of the agro-industrial and mining sectors, as well as mitigation of environmental impacts associated with climate change.