Integration of measures for adaptation to CC and DRR in planning of NAPs

What is the importance of adopting a disaster risk reduction approach in planning for adaptation in the current context of climate change?

What are the main benefits, opportunities, challenges and limitations to achieve it?

How can this strengthen and enrich the process of planning and implementing the National Adaptation Plans to climate change?

UN Environment invites you to participate in the Webinar of the NAPS Community, which will seek to resolve these and other questions related to the relevance of integrating adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures as a holistic strategy to address adaptation actions and thus reduce the vulnerability of both communities and ecosystems to climate change and variability.

Welcome from the NAPS Community

Lili Ilieva, PhD
Moderator, Practical Action – Latin America


Dan Stothart
Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Latin America and the Caribbean
UN Environment

Jennifer Guralnick
Program Management Officer
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)

Marilise Turnbull
International consultant
Co-author of “Towards Resilience: A Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change