Informative Bulletin April 2018

Key messages on integrating cross-cutting issues in the NAPS

After webinars 11 and 12 of Module 4: Integration of cross-cutting issues in the planning and implementation of NAPS, we present the key messages that emerged from the presentations and discussions that took place in the NAPS Community of Practice.

1. Integration of land-use management in NAPS
The strategic planning of land management is a fundamental tool to mitigate and adapt to climate risks. Land-use planning and management can play a key role in reducing current and future risks associated with climate change through responsible management of the environment and its resources. A key example comes from the forestry sector and the REDD + mechanism. The potential environmental and social benefits of REDD + will depend on where and how the actions are implemented, therefore it is important to consider land-use planning in the design of these actions.