Gilma Luz Roman Lozano

Licensed in Psychology and Pedagogy, Uitoto native, with experience in working with indigenous peoples at local, national and international levels. She has experience in following up on judgement T-025 of 2004 and in fulfilling the mandate of the indigenous peoples in terms of own policy for indigenous peoples in the areas of their rights: their own, special, collective, human and international humanitarian law. She also has experience in coordinating agreements between State institutions and indigenous organizations (ONIC and OPIAC). Professionally, she works as a legal adviser on collective, environmental and indigenous rights; she is an expert in territorial planning processes, participatory planning and management of social cartography as a methodological tool focused on actions to increase social decision-making capacity and generate effective intercultural dialogues in prior consultation and concertation processes. In addition, she has experience in coordinating work teams in the field and community empowerment for dialogue with the State. She has provided strategic advice on the formulation of ethno-education programmes, epidemiological surveillance and the ethno-cultural adaptation of the social security health system, as well as on the accompaniment and integral management of prior consultation processes.