Webinar: Welcome to the community of practice NAPs

In this this Webinar we will welcome you to the Community of Practice and introduce you the initiative in detail as well as the upcoming activities. Agenda Welcome from REGATTA. Silvia Giada, Programme Officer Climate Change, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations Environment Programme. Adaptation planning: a key aspect to access climate

Webinar: Scenarios and adaptation measures for NAPS: The mexican experience

In this Webinar, we will show Mexico`s experience in the climate change adaptation process. The presentation will highlight the experience in: Application of climate change scenariosClimate change impacts and analysis of current and future vulnerabilityThe National Atlas of Climate Change Vulnerability (ANVCC in its Spanish acronym)Definition of adaptation measures AGENDA Welcome to the NAPS Community

Webinar: Assessment of options for adaptation measures in Paraguay and Uruguay

In this Webinar, we will show methodologies for selecting measures to adapt to climate change in Paraguay and Uruguay, particularly through the cost-benefit analysis. The presentation will highlight the experience in: Project prioritization methodologies: cost-effectiveness, cost-benefitCost Benefit Analysis (CB) applied to CC policies, main challengesCase Study: CB Analysis of the Asuncion Wastewater Treatment SystemAssessment and

Webinar: NAPS planning and opportunities for synergies with mitigation

In this Webinar, we will present opportunities for synergies between adaptation and mitigation and how to incorporate them in the planning for National Adaptation Plans. AGENDA Welcome to the NAPS Community of PracticeDr. Lili Ilieva, Moderator and climate adaptation expert – Practical Action, Peru PRESENTERS Planning for NAPs and opportunities for synergies with mitigationHernán Carlino,

Webinar: The role of the private sector in financing adaptation with a perspective on NAPS

In this webinar, we will present you an overview of the financing needs for adaptation and potential synergy opportunities with the private sector to address this challenge. In addition, a case study of Colombia will be presented, showing the benefits of integrating the private sector into rural development and adaptation planning. AGENDA Introduction Jacinto Buenfil,

Webinar Financial mechanisms: Basic ingredients to ensure the sustainability of adaptation

What is the importance of developing financial mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of adaptation?What are the success factors and challenges for the development and implementation of such mechanisms?What examples of success exist in Latin America and the Caribbean? UN Environment invites you to participate in the Webinar of the NAPS Community, which will seek to

Seminario web: Monitoreo y evaluación: ¿Cómo medir el éxito de los procesos de adaptación?

¿Cuáles son los desafíos asociados con el monitoreo y la evaluación del progreso de la adaptación? ¿Qué buscamos monitorear, procesos o resultados de adaptación? ¿Qué información, métricas y unidades son necesarias para evaluar el progreso y la efectividad de los Planes Nacionales de Adaptación? ¿Qué ejemplos exitosos existen en la región de América Latina y el Caribe? UN

Webinar: Adaptation based on Ecosystems in Cities

What are the climatic risks that the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean face?What adaptation measures based on ecosystems (EbA) exist to reduce climate vulnerability in cities in Latin America and the Caribbean?How can these measures be integrated into development and / or territorial planning strategies?What examples of success exist in Latin America and