Bottom-up innovation For adaptation financing: New Approaches for Financing Adaptation Challenges Developed through the Practitioner Labs Climate Finance

This Innovation Brief presents six innovative bottom-up adaptation financing approaches from the SEED Practitioner Labs Climate Finance 2018 in India, Thailand and Uganda, and shares overarching learnings about challenges and solutions. The Labs facilitated the development of the following prototype solutions with a focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • Mobile-Enabled Microinsurance (Uganda)
  • Irrigation System Microleasing for High-Value Crops
  • Green MSME Finance Tool (India)
  • Last of Ours – Blockchain-based Conservation Fund (Thailand)
  • Global Mangrove Trust – A Blockchain-based Conservation Finance Incentive (Thailand)
  • Smart-Irrigation-as-a-Service Vehicle (Thailand)